Jamie's not answering his cell.

Her affection came home to my heart.

My legs are getting better day by day.

I see why Nici doesn't like you.


Next Wednesday will be fine.

His undertaking failed for lack of funds.

The room is too big.

Humans are supposedly rational animals, but make most decisions based on gut feeling.

All human beings are mortal.

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I love you in spite of your many, but so many, infinite mental problems.

Did you finish your paper?

It's ironic that one of the most colonialist countries of all times accuses Buenos Aires of colonialism!

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They sang on the stage in turn.


Because I don't have to go to work today and tomorrow, so I will use the opportunity to quickly finish moving it.

The mayor addressed the general public.

I didn't know anyone at the party.


Do you mind if I ask you a question?

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Be thankful.

She came.

Power? Money? Everything seems so ridiculous now!


I don't want to see Roberto again.

I feel your disgust on that one.

He gives plain, simple explanations.


They stole horses and cattle.

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They did not want to get involved in the fighting.

What was the message?

I pointed this out to Julie.

How did you and Dad meet?

May I speak to you for a moment in private?


We have none left in stock.


You can't imagine how humiliating this is.

Symmetry is boring.

"She hates it?" "Yes." "I hate it, too."

"Let's dance together." "I thought you'd never ask."

I can do it myself.

I'm worn-out.

I tied their shoes together.


Kylo was able to get into the house through a window.

You are a creep.

There are four bedrooms in my house.

I love you more than he loves you.

She's pregnant with twins.

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This may be pulao, but it's completely flavourless.

It just started to rain.

You could have told me the truth.

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You're supposed to be recovering.

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Barrett is clearly agitated and distraught.

The contract is invalid if you were forced to sign it.

Alexis has baked a pie for dessert.


I'd like it in a brighter color.

"How did you come up with that number?" "I don't know. I just made it up."

I wish that I could give you everything you want.

What else do you have?

Not all police investigations necessarily lead to the arrest of a suspect.

Mariou decorated his wall with posters of his favorite movies.

She admires John for his courage.

Manoel and Ricardo are two people that have fallen in love with languages.

I learned about you from them.

Sundaresan is clumsy with words.

Has Teriann told Sherman that he doesn't really know how to speak French?

Lance kept silent.

Pim accused the employee of stealing.

Is it true you got married?

You doubt, so you exist.


Do you need a hug?

I bet you tell everyone that.

Almost all the people believed the rumor.

If you don't act like a good girl, you won't get a birthday present.

We're a couple.

Hazel said Douglas was in trouble.

What does Thomas want us to do?

My schedule is rather tight.

I pointed out that he was mistaken about the matter.

She allegedly murdered him.

Her eyes began to brim over with tears.

The kernel of the morphism of groups always contains the neutral element.

I have complete faith in him.

I won't let them do that.

I got hot.

The blue whale is the largest animal of all time.

When will this all end?

There's no way I could beat Sedat.

I'm sure we'll see each other again.

I feel normal.

I've lost my pin number!

She has a strong bias against abstract painting.

You talked to us, right?


Curt looks perky.

You don't seem tired at all.

If you don't study, you will fail the exam.

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I want names.


Tell me a little about him.

I knew what they did to Wayne.

You were friends with both Marla and Vicki, right?


Who painted these pictures?

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Give them a hand, will you?

Who is he to tell me what to do?

I worked really hard on this.

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The food looks delicious.


Everyone has to stay.


She also introduces new characters.

On arriving in Tokyo, I wrote her a letter.

Shaw wasn't supposed to be here.

Eli is a farmer.

She died a happy woman.


He was a member of the Supreme Court.

Help yourself to some grapes.

Jiro advised me on which book to buy.


I'm a black belt in karate.

I should have tried to get along with my classmates better.

He painted a picture of roses.

We're doing OK so far.

It'll take me a long time to get over this cold.


Suzan has to leave immediately.

The teacher has always been easy to consult with.

He was not satisfied at all.

Manolis couldn't sleep because he had a bad headache.

Which do you like better, skating or skiing?

I thought you understood.

The train was thirty minutes late.


You find koalas in Australia.

Frictions between Japan and the U.S. are easing up for a change.

Mayo and Yvonne live in Boston with their son.

I know it's not good enough.

Politicians are called whores because they listen to people who don't agree with us.

Just ask him.

He went into the kitchen, and before you could say Jack Robinson he had produced a meal.

I'm going to do what I've been told.

Faster, higher, stronger!


I was just there last Monday.

Come any time after nine.

How did you manage to escape?


Kevan liked this idea.

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Work and play are both necessary to health.

What have I ever done to you?

We have not found it.

I won't tell anyone your secret unless you tell me it's OK.

Life is very hard.

Are you still thinking that you'd like the job?

Descartes thought that the mind and body were joined in the pineal gland.

I'm confused about my feelings.

How did you get Dori to do that for you?

Jerrie never gives me anything.

I saw some monkeys climbing the tree.

Tandy and Devon adopted a child from Russia.

I am eating an apple.


Protest takes ever more creative forms in Tatoeba.

We'll do it the same way we did it last time.

Welcome, John! We were waiting for you.

Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.

If we can't trust NASA, does that mean that we didn't really go to the moon?

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Haven't you gone too far?


Chomsky is a structural linguist.

We must compete with the local stores in price.

A mere glance is not enough for us to tell one from the other.

With gassy planets like Jupiter, the zero level is defined as the level where the gas pressure is one bar.

I've heard my grandma's stories so often that I'm heartily sick of them.

You are Simon, son of John.

We want to measure your blood pressure.


He fixed his eyes on me.

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He didn't even look over the papers.


Bergen is a Norwegian town.